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myclinicworks issues one Membership Card to each legitimate subscriber. The myclinicworks Membership Card gives the subscriber additional security against fraudulent use and to avoid hacking of the system.


Each myclinicworks legit subscriber is issued one Membership Card. The program which comes with the Membership Card is an additional security against fraudulent use and to avoid hacking of the system; ensuring the highest level of security which myclinicworks implement in addition to the regular username and password which the subscriber/s create.


  1. A temporary access pass shall be issued to the myclinicworks legit subscriber to allow processing of the permanent myclinicworks Membership Card.
  2. 2. The Membership Cards are owned by
  3. The given name of the subscriber and a 16-digit number shall be printed on the Membership Card. No one except the subscriber named on the card shall be allowed to use the Membership Card.
  4. The member’s use and management of their Membership Card and card information must be made with diligence of a good management. Lending and/or transferring their Membership Card to another, offering it as collateral and/or allowing them to use myclinicworks are strictly prohibited.
  5. While using, the system may ask for random numbers which are printed on the Membership Card. In the event that the user fails to provide such numbers, the system would automatically lock and prevent the user to access the system until the security lock required is met.
  6. For cases of loss or theft, a Membership card shall be reissued upon the subscribers’ request after evaluation and approval of A minimal fee shall be incurred for the issuance of the replacement Membership Card.


Myclinicworks acquire no responsibility and obligation for loss or whatever nature which resulted from unauthorized use of the privilege given to you with regards the use of Likewise, myclinicworks does not assume responsibility for any inaccurate or incorrect information or misrepresentation, either gathered at the time of your registration as Subscriber/Member or during the course of your subscription of the Program. In addition, this Membership Card is not a debit, billing or credit card.


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